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I was lucky enough to tag along with my mom to Albany, NY for a work trip. We stayed 15 minutes outside of the city in Greenbush, NY. A very small town but, alas, there was a Starbucks!

I noticed a few things about the area while I was there. Restaurants were few and far between, mostly mom and pop diners or your standard chain restaurants like Applebee’s and Panera Bread. Not my thing. I’m more of a fine dining kind of gal. Sue me!

I made my way downtown (insert Macklemore lyrics here) for a couple of hours, near the state house. I walked around, with a coffee in hand, took pictures and observed the people. Two of my favorite things to do while I’m traveling. Although, I’ve found that people watching isn’t always your best choice- many people don’t like when you stare at them (who knew?).

I got to use my camera a lot, which was an absolute bonus! The architecture was beautiful against the blue skies and shades of orange and yellow shining down on the Autumn trees. I toggle between a Nikon D330, pictured below, and a Canon EOS 5D. My Nikon is lightweight, small and perfect for the things I use it for. There is the option to use the 3″ LCD screen to shoot through (which I love). The Canon is a little more heavy duty but shoots beautiful pictures. If you have any questions about my camera or taking photos in general please leave your questions in the comments below!


The Crossgates Mall is definitely worth highlighting. If you’re in the area on a rainy day I highly suggest it. But, if the sun is shining opt to get outside there are plenty of trails to hike and views to see just a short drive away. Plotter Kill Preserve and Thacher Park are on the top of my list if I ever return! Find out all the deets here.

Here’s a carefully curated, Sunny Side approved, list of cafés, restaurants and places to see.

Suggested by the locals

Iron Gate Café

Café 217

Mug Shot

Coffee & Tea

Stacks Espresso

Uncommon Grounds

Tierra Coffee Roasters

Daily Grind

Bake for You

Café Madison

Lil’ Buddah Tea

Stage Coach Coffee

Restaurants & Desserts

A Better Bite

The Cheese Traveler

Reel Seafood

Emack & Bolio’s

Bountiful Bread


New World Bistro and Bar

The Brakes – (Get the PB&J)

Places to go

Capital Building

Empire State Plaza

The Egg

Washington Park

Albany Pine Bush Reserve


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  1. December 4, 2015 / 8:10 am

    I go to college just outside of Albany and if you ever go back you have to visit Albany Pump Station! It’s my favorite restaurant other than Iron Gate Cafe. I’m glad you have Iron Gate Cafe and Emack & Bolio’s on your list!

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