A Quick Guide to Trinidad, Cuba

I can’t tell you how many times I was asked, “How did you like Trinidad & Tobago?” Umm, come again? Oh, you mean Trinidad Cuba? I suppose this is more common than not. Trinidad is located about 4 hours from Havana and was the first stop on my Cuban getaway. And let me tell you, it did not disappoint. We flew into Santa Clara Airport, know that it can take anywhere from an hour or two to get to Trinidad. Cabs are plentiful out front of the airport and this is the spot to exchange your currency! So do that before hopping in a cab.

Trinidad, Cuba


Casa Particular: Villa Dalia; Calle Real #158 e/Iglesia y Perla, Casilda, Trinidad

This Casa is not located in Trinidad, it’s about a 10-minute drive out of the city located between Trinidad and the beach! Best of both worlds really. If you aren’t familiar with Casas, know that they are pretty much Airbnb’s- this one in particular was a large home converted into a hotel or hostel, if you will.

Villa Dalia is on a main road but not the least bit loud which I loved. Our room was set in the back of the property. Casa’s are known for being a “no frills” type of accommodation. However, Villa Dalia was the exact opposite. My room was complete with an air conditioner, fresh towels daily if requested, and tidy up services.

I also learned that Casa’s typically provide two meals a day, at an additional cost, and to always try at least two meals where you’re staying. Cubans can cook and our best meals in Trinidad were both breakfast and dinner at Villa Dalia. Breakfast consisted of carbs galore, eggs, and fruit. Dinner was a three course (again, no frills) meal, you’ll have the option of choosing the protein for your main course- I went with chicken. It was delicious and the portions were perfect! Most definitely worth the 10CUC.


Playa Ancon

Cuba is known for its beautiful beaches! Playa Ancon is no different. Though a bit touristy for my liking, the water was crystal clear and the sand was as white as snow. All of this just a five-minute drive from Villa Dalia!

Trinidad, Cuba Wander the streets

Like I said in my Havana post, always wander the streets! This is how you uncover hidden gems that perhaps only you’ll ever discover!

Enjoy a Mojito on Plaza Mayor

Trinidad, Cuba

Visit Museo Historico Municipal o Palacio Cantero

Built in 1828 by Don Jose Mariano Borrell y Padron, known as one of the richest men in Trinidad. One of the largest and most visually impressive of houses surrounding the Plaza Mayor. It’s much grander than its neighbors with a beautiful entryway that opens up to a spacious courtyard. I could picture what it looked like in its prime. There is a tower accessible, from the top your eyes are graced with sweeping views of the city and the sea. Note: the stairs up are narrow and at one point you will climb a ladder. So, don’t wear a dress!

Address: Simón Bolívar No. 423/ Gustavo Izquierdo

Visit Iglesia Parroquial de la Santisima Trinidad

A beautiful church located steps away from Museo Historico Municipal o Palacio Cantero.

Address: Calle Cristo, Trinidad

Trinidad, Cuba

Day trip to Cienfuegos on your way to Havana  

Though I did not do this day trip I wanted to include it in case you are planning a trip to Trinidad! When traveling between Trinidad and Havana is you’ll want to add this spot to your itinerary.


As always, use your judgement. If there is no one in the restaurant, then chances are you shouldn’t go inside. Conscious Cuba provided a list of their favorite mealtime spots:

Lunch at Paladar San Jose

Address: Maceo (Gutiérrez) #382 e/ Colón y Smith

Dinner at La Ceiba (total treehouse vibes)

Address: Pablo Pichardo Street # 263, Trinidad, Cuba

Dinner at Guitarra Mia

Address: Jesús Menéndez (Alameda) #19 e/ Camilo Cienfuegos y Lino P

Dinner at El Dorado

Address: Piro Guinart # 226 Esq Antonio Maceo

Coffee at Café Don Pepe

The cutest outdoor cafe. Pretty unrecognizable from the front (see below) but an absolute must for an afternoon pick me up!

Trinidad, Cuba

As you can see, there is so much more to Cuba than just Havana. I encourage you to seek out the different cities and towns that make Cuba, Cuba. While they may seem similar I can assure you they are much, much different from one another!


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