My Travel Friendly Skin Care Routine

This post is all about my travel skincare routine! My skincare routine is pretty basic which makes it super easy for me to maintain it while on the road. If there is one thing that is difficult for me when traveling it would have to be the lack of routine, whether it’s my usual daily routine, being on a gym schedule or simply watching the 6pm news after dinner. What can I say, I LIKE MY ORDER OKAY!? I guess having a simple skincare routine is the fix I need to feel like I have some sort of order in this crazy life on the road.

My two secret ingredients for good skin have always been Clean & Clear Foaming Face Wash and the Clean & Clear Advantage Acne Spot Treatment. I wash my face twice a day with a washcloth and apply the spot treatment to any blemishes before bed. Pretty simple, right? Not saying this works for everyone but it has always worked for my skin so when Nion Beauty reached out to me to try a few of their products I have to say I was quite hesitant. What’s that saying? If it ain’t broke don’t fix it? Yeah, that’s where I was at. But after researching the brand and seeing how travel friendly their products are, I had to test them out for myself! Turns out, it was a fantastic decision and I quickly added them to not only my skincare routine at home but also my skincare routine on the road! The three products I tested for travel are: Opus Renew, Opus 2GO, and Opus Luxe.

What I love about Nion Beauty is that they use their own S-ion technology. What is S-ion? This is Nion’s method of using negative ions to cleanse your skin, remove harsh toxins, and bacteria to leave you with fresh clean skin! Now, you probably have another question- what are negative ions? These are molecules that get rid of the free radicals (cigarette smoke, smog, pesticides, radiation given off by our phones and other appliances) all of which are responsible for premature aging, tissue damage and skin discoloration. Alright, enough with the science- let’s get to why you’re here: my travel friendly skincare routine!

Travel Skincare Routine

Opus Luxe

This little gadget replaced my washcloth method. Like I said before, I have my routine and I stick to it. But after testing the Opus Luxe out my routine changed. I’ve been using a washcloth to wash my face since I started washing my face as a teenager (probably because I just copied my mom’s routine, but hey it worked!). Washcloths aren’t really travel friendly though, especially when you’re in the air for 15+ hours! You have to wet it, let it dry and if it doesn’t dry fully you have no place to put it and when it FINALLY dries it probably smells like mildew so you have to toss it. The struggle is real. The Opus Luxe got rid of this headache for me.

About the size of my hand (from top to bottom) the Opus Luxe is compact enough for your carry on and it’s charging port is light enough to not send your luggage over the 50-pound limit. So, what is this gadget? It’s a 3-speed kinetic skin cleansing brush with three speeds of pulsating massage vibration for your face. The brush is made of silicon (anti-bacterial!) and it serves two purposes! One for cleansing and two for anti-aging effects.

To use it, all you have to do wet the surface of the brush (don’t worry it has a rechargeable battery so it will not be plugged into the wall while you’re using it) then add the same amount of your favorite skin cleanser to the surface of the brush, hold down on the power button until it turns on and cleanse away!  The vibration will pause for second alerting you switch sides of the brush for the ideal cleanse. The other side is firmer and doesn’t have the silicon bristles. This is for the firming/anti-aging benefits.

Not to sound all QVC channel-y but you need the Opus Luxe. I noticed my skin was so much softer after one use. The brush feels a lot softer on my skin than a washcloth and even though its super gentle on my skin I still feel like it’s the best kind of clean!

Travel Skincare Routine

Opus 2GO 

Next up, the little sister of the Luxe, the Opus 2GO! This face cleansing brush couldn’t be more travel friendly if it tried. About the size of your palm, the 2GO will fit anywhere and can be transported anywhere. It’s used the same way as the Opus Luxe and, aside from the size, the only difference is that it is good for only 30 days. So, if you don’t feel like bringing along the Luxe or you want to just test out the product without committing to buying it’s big sister (you receive three in a package, equivalent to 90 day’s worth, BTW)- this is the perfect option!

Travel Skincare Routine

Opus Renew 

The cure for my very tired eyes: Opus Renew! This product comes in a package of three pairs of under eye patches made of S-ion Technology Silicone. You simply cleanse your face and place them under your eyes for 20-30 minutes. Pro tip: if you’re at home, keep them in the fridge for an extra de-puff boost. These patches help with reducing dark circles, increase circulation and help reduce the appearance of scars. Carry-on friendly too! So if you’re brave enough, put them on 30 minutes before landing for a little rejuvenation.

Travel Skincare Routine

I don’t like change, but in this case change is good! These Nion Beauty products have seriously changed the game for me and I am bringing them everywhere from here on out! Do you have any beauty products you can’t live without? What’s your skincare routine like? Tell me in the comments below.

Travel Skincare Routine

This post is written in partnership with Nion Beauty however, as always, my opinions are my own.



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