Checking In: Le Blanc Resort and Spa, Los Cabos

Touched down for the first time in this North American paradise a week ago and I am still dreaming of its blue skies and turquoise waters. To top it off, I stayed at Le Blanc Resort and Spa. I still can’t believe it’s taken me this long to get to Mexico. It was also my first time experiencing (re: indulging) in an all inclusive. I don’t know why I EVER tried to avoid all-inclusives but I had them all wrong.

Le Blanc Resort and Spa was the ‘Sweetest Suite’ winner of the Noble Beach Prize contest. An annual contest hosted by where their top-rated resorts are put into categories and judges vote for their favorites based on photos, amenities and reviews. I was a judge for the 2017 contest and will be again for 2018! You can read more about the other winners and other properties available for booking on on their blog.

Okay, sorry for the tangent, let’s get to why you’re here. Viva la MEH-HI-CO!

Le Blanc Cabo

The Grounds

Le Blanc opened its doors to it’s Cabo property in February, so it’s brand new. Located where the desert meets the sea, literally the desert is behind the property, you will surely fall in love with this tropical treasure. The grounds are expansive but not so big they confuse you or you feel like you’re walking a mile to the beach. The rooftops, just like the rest of the property, are perfectly manicured with desert plants and white marble accents, acting as the perfect spot to wine (red or white?) down. I had the chance to chat with someone that lives next to the property and he mentioned how he loved this touch by Le Blanc because instead of looking at bare rooves from his window he overlooks gardens instead.

Le Blanc Cabo

The Room

The hotel has 373 rooms, but again, it doesn’t feel as massive as it is. Maybe that’s because I was there just 2 months after they opened their doors but either way it felt more like home than an all-inclusive. I was blessed (literally) with a partial ocean view suite. From my bed I overlooked the pool area and could see the sunrise from my pillow and from my balcony I could see errrythang. That ocean view though, take a look!

Room was fully stocked with everything I could ever need in a hotel room. Toiletries, massive bathtub, separate shower, his and hers sinks, mini bar with snacks and beverages suitable for my dietary restrictions (gluten free and dairy free), espresso machine, essential oil diffuser… basically everything… like I said.

The Food

With 7 (yes, SEVEN) restaurants you will not feel an ounce of hunger. The décor is also perfectly appointed according to the type of cuisine served.  Here is the breakdown of the situation:

Boulangerie: The coffee and smoothie spot. Head here for a mid-afternoon pick me up and dessert on your way back to your room after dinner. Pastries, chocolates and macarons are your choices!

The International Restaurant: Where you will eat breakfast and international, duh, cuisine. We never had the chance to eat dinner here because we were all about the other restaurants but breakfast was next level. Fresh juices, a buffet of fruits and pastries, and a full menu. My daily go-tos were: egg white omelet, gluten free toast with avocado, all of the fruits but mostly mango, and the green juice. Oh, and coffee with coconut milk of course!

Lumiere: French restaurant, open for dinner. I’m not a huge fan of French food and neither is my sister so we decided to focus on the other restaurants. PS this is the only spot the requires a reservation.

Blanc Asia: Serving Asian food like sushi, sake, and tapioca pudding which I, admittedly, went back for on my final night here. I mean, how could I not!? It was made with coconut milk and topped with coconut sorbet.

Blanc Lebanese: Fresh off a trip to Turkey, this spot was my jam. Countless mezzes like hummus, dalmas and tabbouleh. Okay, so not strictly Turkish cuisine but it was the perfect mix of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern and satisfied my cravings.

Blanc Italian: This was my sisters favorite. She has 0 dietary restrictions (lucky duck!) so she was able to enjoy the gnocchi and caprese salad. She had no complaints and cleared her plates. I was jealous but it’s fine because I enjoyed some delicious artichoke and fresh red snapper.

Blanc Ocean: This restaurant gets its name from its location, overlooking the ocean and completely open air. This was our lunch spot.  We ordered chips and guac with pico daily and it came with three special sauces. One was this spicy avocado sauce, I can’t remember the name for the life of me but you must have it. There’s also fresh red snapper sweet potato ceviche, octopus, pineapple tempura tacos, and grilled leeks. These were just a few of our favorites.

You can also grab snacks from the pool menu and enjoy from your cabana. Think, chips and guac/pico. As you can see, your taste buds can travel around the world without even leaving your seat at dinner.

Le Blanc Cabo

The Le Blanc Amenities

Okay, okay. All- inclusive amenities are no joke- especially here at Le Blanc Cabo. This was my first all-inclusive experience and with these amenities it will be hard to top. Upon arrival, we were greeted by our butler with a welcome drink and a warm lavender scented neck wrap. It’s the little things. When we were escorted to our room we received a detailed room tour. Which usually would not be necessary but with 10+ light switches, a dual shower head, and censored door to the balcony you need all the details. He also went over the comfort menu and aroma therapy options in room. There are give or take 8 scent options, everything from lavender to coconut lemongrass to citrus. Outside of the room, there is the spa, full gym, four pools, beach access, 24 hour room service and the 1 o’clock amenity. This was a game changer after spending the entire morning in the sun. So, what is the 1 o’clock amenity? Pool staff come around to loungers and place refreshing cucumber slices on your eyes covered by an ice-cold towel. Leave it on for 5 minutes and you will feel rejuvenated and ready for your next drink. I literally want this in my every day life.

Le Blanc Cabo


Like I said this was my first all-inclusive experience and it will definitely be hard to beat. My outlook on these types of trips is forever changed. I don’t know why I ever thought all-inclusive weren’t my thing. If you find yourself saying the same ask yourself: do I like to eat? Do I like endless drinks in the sunshine? Do I like the ocean? Do I like relaxing? If your answers are yes you will love Le Blanc Resort and Spa. Oh! And there is also a location in Cancun, should you find yourself booking a trip there.

Le Blanc Cabo

The Sunny Side of Things was a welcomed guest of Le Blanc Resort and Spa on behalf of, as always, my opinions are my own.



  1. May 30, 2018 / 1:23 pm

    Beautiful! I tend to stay away from all-inclusives as well but honestly it might be nice to treat yoself now and again and embrace all different kinds of traveling! Not just what I’m used to.

    • Hannah
      June 18, 2018 / 1:26 pm

      YES! Treat yo’self, always! Definitely not what I’m used to either but this stay changed my perspective on all-inclusives.

  2. Kelley Davies
    June 25, 2019 / 4:34 am

    I follow you on Instagram, and happened to be searching for videos of this resort on you tube and up you came! So glad to see first hand looks of it! Have booked for next June!

    • Hannah
      November 24, 2019 / 8:27 pm

      Oh my gosh! I am so excited for you! It was such a treat when I stayed there, I hope you love it just as much as my sister and I did.

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