Labor Day Getaway: Part 1

As the summer sun begins to fade and the air gets cooler barbeques dwindle and the pool party novelty wears off. Sick of the normal Labor Day festivities I set out for something a little different. I was itching to go someplace new and in need of a quick fix for my wanderlust. There is always something new to do wherever you are. That’s the beauty of travel- no matter how far away you go or for how long you always discover something new.

The first part of my Labor Day festivities included two things: sun and saltwater. I went to Ogunquit Beach, Maine. Let me tell you, this is the epitome of a New England beach town. Fun fact: Ogunquit means “coastal lagoon” to the native Abenaki Indians and it was the first village in Wells, settled in 1641.

Driving in we took the scenic route down a few back roads to avoid traffic- this was the best decision! We drove along the coast and saw some beautiful coastal views, stress free. Once we got into town we ate at a breakfast restaurant called Amoré Breakfast where love really is the main(e) ingredient. With over 20 years of breakfast experience, you will not be let down. From lattés to grilled blueberry muffins to homefries to lobster benedict the opportunities are endless. It was very busy around 11:30am on Saturday so if you are in a hurry get there early. More the leisurely type? Take your time, get a cup of coffee and enjoy it on the terrace overlooking the main road while drooling over the menu.

Full and happy, we made our way to the beach (another place you need to arrive early to). The parking lot was packed and street parking is hard to come by. The beach forms a horseshoe around the parking lot, which is perfect because it grants you quick access to miles of sand and saltwater. We got there during low tide; this is definitely the time to go as the high tide barely leaves any beach. Bring a float! During low tide the water forms a canal that hugs the beach. At the end there is an estuary and another hidden beach where the sand feels like pillows between your toes. Note: make sure you go to that end of the beach. Also information of importance: the water is crystal clear. This is by far my favorite beach in New England to date.

Concluding our beach day we made our way to Perkins Cove, a quintessential village by the sea. Good restaurants, shops and even better views. There is a small footbridge that goes over the water to the neighboring community providing stunning views of the cove. We ate an early dinner at Jackie’s Too (yes, the name is Jackie’s Too). You can’t get any closer to the water without actually being on the water. With an outdoor covered patio enjoy the shade, unobstructed views and a Pineapple Paradise (yes that’s a drink). The fried calamari is something to talk about and the lobster rolls are arguably the best a sit down restaurant has to offer, in the area. If that isn’t cutting it for you after a long day in the sun, the lobster grilled cheese is a delicacy. Yes, that’s a real thing.

After dinner, we took a quick walk around the cove but there are endless activities if you’re up for it like deep-sea fishing, whale watching, sailing, kayaking, hiking and golfing. Marginal Way is also a good way to cap off your day.

Ogunquit has a little bit of everything for everyone. A must see if you are visiting the Maine coast. I’ll definitely be back for you!

– Eat – 

Amoré Breakfast

Barnacle Bills

Jackie’s Too

Perkins Cove Candies

– See –

Ogunquit Beach

Footbridge Beach

Perkins Cove

Marginal Way

Here are a few shots from Saturday, September 5. Where are your favorite beachy getaways?


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  1. Nikki @ Boba + Pearls
    September 9, 2015 / 3:32 am

    Love the beach! Looks like a lot of fun.

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