Quotes for Happiness

This week, my quotes are all about happiness. Happiness can be hard to find and even hard to maintain once you do find it. It can take so many different shapes and come in so many sizes. But you will know when it hits you. It kind of just happens. When you feel complete and… well… happy. And when you get there, never let it go.

Happiness can be a place, a memory, or a loved one. It could be your favorite place as a child like that treehouse in your backyard, or the first memory you have of the sand beneath your toes at the ocean because you grew up in a landlocked state, or even that time you found your soulmate. There is no “mold” or secret formula and to each person it’s different. Another’s definition of happiness might be completely different than your own. Stay true to yourself and happiness will follow. Trust the process. Those are two things I tell myself everyday. And that’s probably the reason the sixth quote is my favorite.

So now I’m curious, what does happiness mean to you? What does it look, feel, or smell like?


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Quotes to Inspire

So, I am going to try this new thing. Each week I am going to create a round-up of all of my favorite quotes from Pinterest. Why? Because sometimes I need little reminders. Reminders to dress well, love completely and live fully. I’m sure you could use a little reminder too. Each week I’ll try and use different themes for the quotes I pull. This week’s theme is get inspired.

My favorite out of this bunch is “Take time to do what makes your soul happy.”  Make sure you do something each day that makes you feel complete. Put yourself first. I do this every morning when I wake up, stretch, walk (read: stumble) into the kitchen and make my coffee. Sometimes I wake up late but I still go through that same routine- I’ll just be sure to make short cuts after that first sip. Or, take my sister for example, she meditates each night before bed, when the house is silent and her little is asleep. Just make compromises if it means you can put yourself first, at the very least once a week. It’s all about small actions continued over time. 

If for some reason you haven’t had enough of me between Instagram, Snapchat and my blog, follow me on Pinterest! You’ll find everything from travel inspiration (if you didn’t know, I am headed to Asia in May and just made two of my travel boards public- now you can see all of the places I hope to see while I’m over there), fashion, blog tips, wedding inspo, FOOD, and everything in between! What is your favorite quote? Comment below!


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