Three Athleta Pieces I Don’t Travel Without


This post is written in partnership with Athleta, as always, my opinions are my own.

It feels like I’ve been nonstop the last month, probably because I have been. I spent the beginning of the summer at home in Maine with friends and family- sort of like I did last summer if you remember this post. I loved being home for a good month and a half. I was able to get into a routine, eat healthy, exercise daily and get back to some form of a ‘normal’ life. But, if you know me you know I am the furthest thing from normal 😉 so it was only natural to take off for the rest of the summer. I started in British Columbia and made my way home for a short 5 days before jetting off to Asia on a one way. Now, I’m sitting in Bangkok staring out the window at the Lebua Tower- where The Hangover was filmed! While also staring at my very messy luggage wondering how I am going to manage to fit everything back in tomorrow before my flight to Koh Samui. Packing isn’t fun. Packing for an unknown amount of time isn’t fun either. You guys already know I loveeeee to over pack!

On this trip (and the one to BC) I had the opportunity to work with my favorite athletic wear company, Athleta. I’ve been wearing their clothes for literally years and I can’t stop. So when they reached out to work with me I was so excited! I knew I had these trips coming up and it would be the perfect opportunity to share one of my favorite brands with you all. I picked a few pieces from the travel collection because I knew they’d be perfect for both BC and Asia! You’ve probably already seen the Instagram posts but allow me to highlight my three fav pieces from the travel collection.

Skyline Pants

These are no joke coming with me on every adventure trip moving forward. These pants are semi fitted and are made of recycled poly- a super sleek fabric  made from post-consumer plastic bottles that helps lessen our impact on the world. Okay Athleta, YOU WIN! These pants also have three pockets one on the back that snaps shut and two in the front. The waist has an adjustable belt- perfect for when you feel like they start to loosen mid adventure (re: ZIP LINING). They’re also wrinkle resistant making them perfect for long hauls, packing in your suitcase or wearing for two days straight (which I might have done…).


Cloudlight Rib Trim Tank

Again with the sustainable fabric! This tank might just be the softest tank I’ve ever owned. It is made of Lenzing Modal® is a fiber that is produced from European beechwood trees harvested from sustainable forests where 99% of the raw material comes from certified or controlled sources. I love the subtle scoop hem at the waist- its super flattering and the perfect length! I wore this zip lining and biking while in BC and during my 36 hour travel day(s) to Asia!


Stripe Bali Linen Crop

These mid-rise pants are perfect for tropical weather! They’re loose fitting, lightweight, and made of washable linen! Usually linen is really hard to travel with because it wrinkles so easily and then is impossible to iron but somehow Athleta has managed to create the perfect crop linen pants! The waistband stretches and has an adjustable tie, again perfect for two day wear! I wore these while visiting the Ko Ku So Bridge in Pai, this bridge allows the monks to access the village across the rice paddies easily. When visiting, you’re bound to see monks so dressing conservatively is a must. These linen pants were perfect!

Why I Love Athleta

There you have it, my three pieces I don’t travel without from Athleta! On top of their functional fashion I also feel so good supporting the brand. They’re at the forefront of making fashion sustainable with 40% of their fabrics using sustainable fibers! I’m not perfect when it comes to selecting brands based on sustainability but I am trying to make a conscious effort to recognize the importance of it, Athleta makes it so easy for me! It’s a no brainer.



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