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2017 isn’t even over yet and I’ve been on over 25 flights. That is insane to me. My first trip of the year took me across the world to the land of kangaroos and beautiful accents- Australia! It was this trip that cracked my luggage and busted the handle. Thankfully there is this stuff called duct tape which got me through the trip.

Since the day my luggage cracked, I promised myself I would never skimp in this department again! Luggage is an investment, I know, but it is worthwhile. Take it from me. Chances of your cheap luggage busting during a trip are high, then you’ll be left with a cracked, non-functioning piece of equipment- meaning you’ll have to purchase a replacement abroad. Adding (avoidable) extra costs and headaches. In the end, you’re probably going to spend the SAME amount of money on a cheap piece of luggage as you would if you had just purchased a higher end, reliable piece of luggage in the first place.

When I returned from Australia I hit the market fast. Enter American Tourister. This 75-year-old brand knows what it’s doing. Started in 1933 in Providence, Rhode Island on a dollar and a dream- literally. From the moment I read that I knew this was the brand for me.

I landed with the Z-Lite DLX. Super lightweight, weighing only 9 pounds, making it a game changer for hard-side luggage and long term travelers like myself. The smaller ones in the family start at just 5 pounds!  This style is the largest of the Z-Lite family so this is the bag you will check prior to going through security.

American Tourister


  • Spacious, just the way I like it. You will be able to fit everything you need in this piece of luggage!
  • The packing strap is my savior. I particularly like this one because it is more of a buckle rather than a clasp!
  • Double wheels making in move effortlessly through the airport. You can push it rather than pull it making it easier to rest one of your carry-ons on top.
  • The hanging pocket inside is perfect for any items that don’t have a place. I’m thinking of the lighter items like belts, bikinis, scarves etc.
  • Fixed TSA lock- a must.
  • Soft grip handles.
  • Comes in three sizes: 20”, 24”, and 28”.
  • Assortment of color options with the zig zag design. I went with ‘Graphite’ because I like to keep it simple and less recognizable. But other options are ‘Moonrise Purple’, ’Autumn Red’, and ‘Pastel Turquoise’.
  • Affordable price point. The typical pricing is $180-$220 but the set is currently on sale making the price range drop to $99-$149.

Needless to say, I am very excited for my next destinations with American Tourister! Happy (over)packing!

This post is written in partnership with American Tourister, as always, my opinions are my own. 


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