Amazon Prime Shopping List: 20 Travel Items I Can’t Live Without

It’s so easy to get overwhelmed when you’re setting off for a trip. Whether the flight is 3 hours long or its going to be a 30-hour travel day, making sure you’ve thought of everything you need can seem so daunting. Not to mention those things you never knew you needed! Which I’ve discovered after taking many flights around the world. I’m always trying to make the travel process as easy and as organized as possible, especially since I lost my passport in Turkey because my carry-on was an absolute mess. In this list you’ll find everything from my go to luggage to small cord organizing cases to my favorite lotion that’s always with me in flight. Little odds and ends things that I’ve found to be essential in the travel process.

Before Flight Amazon Essentials: These are the things that will make packing for a trip easier.

Hanging Toiletry Bag

Having taken countless flights, I’ve discovered that having your toiletries and makeup organized is SO important. Nothing is more annoying than having your toiletries all piled together in one big bag, trust me I’ve been there. This bag allows you to organize your toiletries so that you can categorize them by type. My break down is typically: in shower, post shower, makeup, and any other random things like medicine, cotton balls etc. I’m a quite visual person so this let’s me check off my list pre-flight all the things I need. It comes in two sizes and is under $15.

Hand Held Luggage Weight

My savior. Before my mom bought me this, I always had her wait when she would drop me off at the airport so that I could be sure if I had to offload anything from my (unavoidable) overweight suitcase she could take it home with her. Not anymore. This gadget is so handy and saves us so much time on those super late nights of packing and super early morning drop offs. This one is under $15.


I mean, this goes without saying. If you’re traveling you will most likely need luggage. This is the exact luggage that got me through all of 2018’s travels. Yes, it got scuffed up- as luggage does- but it never cracked and the wheels always worked! I remember when I flew to Australia my hard side luggage cracked and I had to tape it to preserve it while I was there for the month. In retrospect, I probably should have just bought a new suitcase but. I love this luggage because its durable, reliable, and easy to spot at baggage claim! It comes in 9 different color options and the 28″ spinner is under $100.

TSA Approved Lock

I’ve never had an issue with items being stolen out of my suitcase while traveling (knock on wood). But, just to be safe I always use TSA approved locks to protect my goods. A single lock is $7 – a pretty inexpensive price to pay for peace of mind while traveling.

Shoe Bags

Especially important on those hiking trips! Separates the dirt and mud from the rest of your suitcase. These guys are a must and at $12 for 4 of them, you will thank yourself!

Silicone Travel Bottles

Instead of buying the travel size shampoos + conditioners + lotions + and every other liquid I use in a travel size, I use these silicone travel bottles. I refill them after every trip using the regular size toiletries I have at home! These ones come in a set of three for under $20. They’re BPA free, made of a food-safe silicone, and are leak proof!

In-Flight Amazon Essentials: These are the things I swear by that are available on Amazon Prime for my in-flight experience.


Doubles as a stylish scarf through the airport and a blanket on the airplane. I refuse to use the blankets on planes unless I am absolutely frozen. Plus, this one comes in 16 different colors and because it is a cashmere blend, it is under $50.

BlueLight Blocking Glasses

Had to throw these in this list. BlueLight blocking glasses are important for your everyday but also when you’re about to board a flight and need to get some rest. And, if you’re anything like me when I fly- my eyes get super dry, sticky and gritty and looking at bluelights only makes those symptoms worse. So, combine the two and I’m a mess. This style comes in 7 different colors and they are under $25.

Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Reduce. Recycle. Reuse. For the love, please stop purchasing water bottles as much as you possibly can. I know it gets a little dicey when you’re overseas in terms of trusting the tap water but when you’re traveling in the states, and most of Europe, clean water is easily accessed through the tap and if you’re lucky enough many of the airports also have filtered water systems at the water fountain. This is my absolute favorite water bottle. It is made of premium food grade stainless steel and is BPA-Free Plus, it is leakproof and sweat free- perfect for tossing it in your carryon for long travel days. This water bottle keeps liquids cold for up to 12 hours and hot for up to six hours. It comes in four different sizes and nine different colors.

Apple Airpods

An absolute must. They aren’t noise cancelling, though I hear Apple is coming out with a new version, as Apple does, and they will be noise cancelling. But these guys have served me so well! From planes to airports to the trails to the treadmill– I love them because they are bluetooth meaning I don’t need to worry about having my phone within a cords reach.

Portable Charger

Also, an absolute must. This gives me about 23 charges and gives me a full charge within a half hour. Not only is it great for flights but also those in between moments you forget about like taxi rides, layovers, the inevitable time you’ll spend waiting at baggage claim etc. It has 4 dotted lights that indicate how charged the battery pack is itself, I usually aim to plug mine in to recharge when it has one light lit. It takes a while to charge so just give it enough time to recharge for the next adventure. Under $80!

Dry Shampoo, Exfoliating Wipes, and Lotion

These are all great to have in flight. Sometimes when you land, you won’t have time to shower and wash your hair or you’ll have a 30+h travel day (been there, done that)- this dry shampoo will whip your hair into shape and make it smell fresh and clean!

These gentle exfoliating wipes will clean off all of your makeup so you won’t need to use the water in the sink of the airplane or airport bathroom.

Lotion. Lotion. Lotion. I can’t stress enough how important it is to keep your skin moisturized! I just buy the full size version and refill one of those silicone tubes mentioned above and toss it in my carryon.

Travel Wallet

Remember how I said I lost my passport in Turkey in this blog post? Well I wouldn’t have if I had owned this organizational secret weapon! It fits currency, cards, and your passport. Making it a breeze to get through the check in process and all the way to when you land and need to go through customs. It comes 34 colors and is under $20.

Light Weight Joggers

I will never travel in anything other than these joggers. They are so comfortable and breathable. Not only are they great for travel days but they’re great for days that you want to put in minimal effort when getting dressed but still want to look like you put in the effort! Under $30 and they come in three different colors.

Neck Pillow + Eye Mask

Make your in-flight experience so much more comfortable with this neck pillow and eye mask! The neck pillow is under $25 and comes in 4 different color options. The lavender in this eye mask is so soothing, it puts me right at ease. Under $15 and comes in two color options.

Compression Socks

Call me a grandma but I swell so much when I fly. These socks have been my savior!

Cord/Electronics Organizer

What’s worse than a bag full of unorganized cords whilst traveling? Not much. Not only does this organize my phone cords and computer charger, I can also include some of my photography gear like SD cards, batteries, chargers and hard drives. This organizer is under $30.

There you have it. Some of my tried and true products that are available through Amazon Prime! If you head to my shop, there are a few extras that didn’t make it to this list! Plus, I am always updating it with new products as I find them.


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