About Me

hannah rheaume

Hi there, I’m Hannah and welcome to my little adventure.

When I started my blog in 2016, I had no idea the journey that was ahead of me. To be honest, I had no idea what I was doing. I knew I wanted to create a platform to share my newfound passion for travel and connect with likeminded people from all over. Plus, having never been outside of the country before 2016 (not even Canada) I wanted to be sure I was documenting e v e r y t h i n g. Fast forward six months, I quit my job in public relations with $3,000 in my bank account, booked a one way ticket to Australia, and I’ve been on the road ever since.

I attribute my human experience, up to this point, to the places and people I’ve encountered.

There is something about travel that puts you on a fast track to becoming who you were always meant to. During the month I spent in Australia I made friends- I still keep in touch with them today, I visited insanely beautiful places, connected with a girlfriend from high school, spent long nights looking up at the Milky Way and even longer days laying in the sun. It was this ‘Eat Pray Love’ experience that I am forever grateful for. At the ripe age of 24 thinking I had everything figured out, newly single after a long term relationship, and nearly pennies in my bank account. I returned home from Australia a month later as a completely different person. These experiences are invaluable and they were crucial to who I would become down the road.

After Australia, and this newfound freedom, I kept traveling. I kept seeking. I kept longing for the adventure. I kept wishing I was anywhere but where I was. Travel soon became this cycle of running away and being hit in the face with reality every time I returned from a trip. The reality of not knowing who I was and running away from all of the internal healing that needed to be done. But travel taught me that.

While the bulk of travel is very social, what you don’t see are all of the solo moments. The moments in-flight, the long car rides, the nights spent editing, writing and reflecting. The moments that I was, quite literally, alone. These are the moments you didn’t see. Self-doubt, my scarcity complex, comparison, my post-trip depression, anxiety- all of my shadows really came out. And I was afraid of them. The only way to avoid them was to fill my days, weeks, months, YEARS with travel. So that’s what I did. Maharashtra

Until the trips slowed down. What then? Well that’s when I was forced to greet my shadows. That’s when the healing started. It all came after a beautiful trip to India followed by Bali. Something about the magic of being in a foreign land, surrounded by a completely different world and it’s people sparked a fire within me. India was followed by a trip to mama Bali. An island that is pure medicine. My second time there and still awestruck by it’s magic. I call India and Indonesia my mother countries because of the way they embraced me and woke my soul up. I’ve been meaning to dive deeper into those experiences, but I haven’t, yet, found the words.

The second part of this is the people I’ve met. I’ve loved, I’ve lusted, I’ve let go, I’ve trusted, I’ve embraced. And while some relationships did not last, the ones I still have I am grateful for. I have people in my life that not only want to be here but are meant to be here. I once read ‘you are the sum of the five people you spend the most time with.’ The people in your life shape you and I’m thankful for those that I have in my corner.

While this only scratches the surface of my journey, it brings me to present day. Now in my late 20’s, a heart full of love and a mind full of wonder. Still traveling, but now it brings more meaning. It holds more weight. I’m traveling intentionally, only visiting places that resonate with me at a soul level. Capturing and sharing my adventures up mountains, through forests, and across oceans. But without the experience of the last few years, I would have never watched the sunrise in Cappadocia, Turkey, I wouldn’t have eaten my weight in fresh pasta in Italy, I wouldn’t have taken a train from Mumbai to Goa, I wouldn’t have danced under the moonlight on the shores of Thailand, I wouldn’t have received my yoga teacher certification in Bali, I would have never seen the Rockies-  but most of all I wouldn’t have fallen in love with myself. I say this only to remind you to honor your journey, the work, the progress and who you’re on the path to becoming. Regardless of what it looks like, feels like, ‘seems’ like. Know you are not alone.

Who is Hannah, now?

I’m happy you asked. Somewhere along the journey I fell utterly and absolutely in love with the mountains. Mountain trips were sprinkled here and there throughout the last few years. Each time, challenging me. Each time leaving me wanting more.

hike to emerald lakeThere is this level of acceptance nature provides. She doesn’t ask who you are, where you’re going, or what you want. She doesn’t expect anything from you she simply provides. How can one not fall in love with this? Now, a calmness consumes me whenever I am out in nature.

You’ll usually find me in the mountains, on a trail, seeking adventure and connection. I am most at ease out there, in the unknown. Today, that is the feeling I try to capture through my storytelling. Whether it’s photography, blog posts, or Instagram stories. I strive to share places that put me at ease, true escapes that challenge me to b e c o m e. While I love a good beach vacation just as much as the next person, 10 times out of 10 I will choose mountains, without hesitation. So if you came here to find the best all inclusive, I’m sorry but you’re in the wrong place. If you came here for hiking recommendations, mountains, forests, turquoise lakes, off the beaten path places, national parks, road trips- well my friend, you are in luck.

Let’s get to it, shall we?