Hong Kong

Explorer. Chronic overpacker. Daydreamer. Stargazer. Coffee connoisseur. Postcard collector. Photographer. Hat Enthusiast. Aquarius. Dog lover. Frequent Flyer. Giver of G o o d V i b e s.

Otherwise known as Hannah.

I created this platform, in 2015, to share my passion for travel and adventure with the world. So far its taken me to places like Bali, Thailand, Cuba and Australia. Just to name a few! I, like many of you, often dreamt of visiting the far off lands that I just listed. But, it’s something I never thought was attainable. Turns out- you can accomplish ANYTHING you set your mind to.

Upon graduating from college, I did what every 20 something does- finds a job in said field that said major was in. For me, that was communications. I entered the crazy world of public relations at an advertising agency and quickly realized “I was not just made to pay bills and die.” Cliché? Maybe. True? YES.

During my two year run at the agency, I found myself wanting more. But I couldn’t quite figure out what it was. I had always loved writing and photography and felt I wasn’t fulfilling any of my passions in my day to day. I sat on the thought of creating a blog for quite some time- like an entire year. After hours upon hours of research, the run through of website names (the list was endless), and scrapped website templates- I landed with The Sunny Side of Things.

I wanted a blog name that embodied not only me as an individual but the journey I was embarking on. The Sunny Side of Things just rolled off my tongue so effortlessly. I didn’t want the blog name to be limiting on what kind of content I could share and this was it. Don’t get me wrong, I still sat with the prospective name for a month. Something about it stuck with me and I am happy it did.

This space started as a fashion blog, as you’ll see through my archived posts, this is what got my creative juices flowing again. By the way, at this point in the journey I was still working full-time at the advertising agency. I was writing posts and taking photos in between working, going to the gym and living my day to day life. I’d stay up later than I should have editing and writing, but this was what made me happy. It filled a void I had been feeling for quite some time. And funny thing is, next to no one was reading my blog. As to be expected with a new website!

Fast forward eight months, the new shiny feeling of my blog had worn off and suddenly I was left craving more. The cure? I’m sure you can guess it: T R A V E L!  At this point, I was already in love with travel thanks to my two “big trips” to Arizona and Alaska, both of which turned my world upside down and inside out. But, I had never traveled internationally! It was the trip to Alaska a few years back that was it for me. The mountains, the feeling of being so far away from home, the long haul flight, breathing in the crisp Alaskan air- all of it. Like I said, I was left craving more. So I pulled up some old photos and started to relive my trip to Alaska through writing and editing (terrible) photos.

Reliving these memories was the push I needed. I started to take a few weekend trips, something that fit into my lifestyle without using my vacation time at the agency and something that made me feel the passion again. And then one day I was just scrolling through Instagram, shocking I know, and came across a post from one of my favorite travelers, Lesley of The Road Les Traveled. She was hosting a giveaway to *drumroll please* ASIA! To enter I shared this Instagram post in the hopes that it would catch her eye among the thousands of other entries. Turns out it did! In May of 2016 I purchased my first DSLR camera and took it with me on my first international trip with her as my tour guide to Hong Kong and Thailand. A trip of a lifetime to say the least. Shortly after my return I went to Puerto Rico on a family trip. You could call this the ultimate snowball effect. From then on I never stopped traveling, near or far. Which, as you can imagine, sucked up all of my vacation and sick time at the agency.

In November 2016 I truly felt I was in a now or never situation. So, I left the comforts of my 9-5 for travel. You could say we are in a long term relationship. The experience I gained at the agency is invaluable and really prepared me for this transition. A transition that was, by no means, easy. No, I’m not saying you should quit your job for a new position as a self-proclaimed Globetrotter, rather if its travel you seek find ways to integrate it into your daily life. And if that’s not enough, set goals for yourself just as I did.

Whether it’s little weekend trips or big trips abroad, I am always on the hunt for the next adventure. So when I say I love to travel know that I love the experiences that come along with it- long layovers, language barriers, new cuisine, lifting my carry on to fit in the overhead compartments (note: I am 5’2”), sitting next to complete strangers in flight only to deplane as friends, and looking out the window wondering what’s below all of those clouds.

So buckle up, you just bought a one-way ticket to The Sunny Side of Things.