A Dream Day in: Sydney, Australia with Accor Hotels

Ask me where I thought I’d be in a year, a year ago and I probably wouldn’t have answered traveling full time. It is really crazy how much can change in a year. I’ve transitioned out of a full time “desk” job and into a life of full time travel. Making a go of the nomadic way of life feels right and I’m only one-month in. More on that in another post.

In an effort the make The Sunny Side of Things a comprehensive guide to destinations around the world I am going to start some new series. The first series is going to be A Dream Day in: (fill in the blank). There are so many destinations around the world that I want to visit so until I do I will create mini guides based on research and recommendations from you guys! The first installation is obviously A Dream Day in: Sydney with Accor Hotels. So without further ado…

Anna Simmons

Map Source, Anna Simmons of Cartographic, my favorite map illustrator! 

Australia, like Bali and South Africa, has always been on my list of places to travel. In the top three. It’s a place, *I think,* I could live in or travel to for a significant amount of time. Why? Maybe it’s the idea that there is something always going on, something always to see. Its lively food scene (think vibrant salads, donuts on milkshakes and some of the best coffee in the world, so I’ve heard). Endless days at the beach, even in the dead of winter. The street art in Melbourne. The iconic opera house. The Great Barrier Reef. Kangaroos. Bondi. The boutiques. Everything about this place draws me in.

Though all of Australia is calling my name, I’ll start with the perfect day in Sydney.


If you’ve ever researched Sydney you know there are an abundance of places you could stay, it’s overwhelming. For me though, it’s obvious. I would stay with Swissôtel Sydney. Centrally located within walking distance to all of the main attractions like The Sydney Harbour Bridge, the historic Rocks precinct, Sydney Opera House and the Botanic Gardens.

If the central location wasn’t enough, Swissôtel Sydney is a five-star luxury hotel with rooms that have breathtaking skyline views. See for yourself.

This room in particular has a corner balcony, #swoon.



There are two restaurants, The Crossroads Bar a classic hotel bar perfect for before or after dinner drinks, and JPB. JPB offers artful food keeping in mind the seasonality of ingredients. Think bold flavors and vibrant colors.

If you aren’t sold yet, there are an abundance of amenities. The gym, spa and swimming pool just to name a few.



Aside from the restaurants listed above, Sydney is a foodie hot spot. There are so many options. Grab and go, sit down restaurants, cafes, smoothie and juice bars… the list goes on. For me, on this particular “dream day” I would enjoy breakfast in the comfort of my room. Ahhh, room service.

After breakfast I would set out for a full day of wandering. Some Sydney highlights and foodie stops are:

Sãdhanã Kitchen: Sydney’s organic and plant based food destination. All menu items are seasonal so you know its fresh!

Image Source

The Vogue Café: A breakfast or lunch spot offering some delicious Arabica coffee!

Image Source

Speedos Café: Located in Bondi, get a protein packed breakfast or lunch. I’ve heard you’ll want to order the whole menu. So go hungry!

Image Source

Aqua S: Known for their Sea Salt Soft Serve. Yep. Sea salt. Talk about adventurous flavor!

Image Source

Lotus: Shanghainese cuisine with Cantonese influences. Really the best of both worlds!

Image Source


What not to do? I would need at least a week in Sydney to see most of everything I want to. But, in 24 hours I’m sure I could get to most of it!

The obvious spots.

The Sydney Opera House & Sydney Harbour Bridge

Tell me how you could travel across the world and not see these two iconic spots? You couldn’t. Plain and simple. No matter how touristy these spots may be they’re a must nonetheless.

Image Source

Image Source

Royal Botanic Garden

Because, flowers.

Image Source

Bondi Beach

Where the land and sea meet. I’d love to watch the massive waves crash against the rocky coast. When you think of Sydney this is one of the spots that you think of, I’m sure of it. I’d enjoy the view with an ice cream in hand from one of the on-site vendors. I’d walk between Bondi and North Bondi, feeling each grain of sand between my toes, the waves splashing against my legs and the smells of the saltwater.

Image Source

Image Source

Also worth adding to the list is a helicopter tour. All about those aerial views!

There you have it. Over to you! Have you been to Sydney!? What am I missing?

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  1. December 6, 2016 / 7:04 pm

    All right… I’m definitely going to need to join you for a food tour of Sydney! Those look fantastic!

  2. Danielle
    January 4, 2017 / 11:54 pm

    Hey Hannah,

    Curious how you could leave your job and travel full time? Do you have a blog post on that? I would love to travel as my job!!

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