Must Have Apps for a Traveler

As if planning a trip wasn’t stressful enough you now need to figure out the logistics of how you’re going to make everything work. *There’s an app for that*. I’ve rounded up some of my favorite apps I use while traveling. Some keep me organized, some help me communicate and others, well they’re just for fun!


This is obvious. Whether you’re an over sharer or you like to post every once in a while, Instagram is the spot to share all of your travel photos and interact with likeminded communities of people. You’ll quickly find many people that share the same interests in travel as you.

Instagram has released so many updates over the passed couple of months like Instagram stories, the tagging feature in the Instagram story, and the ability to save photos on the app for future reference. I love that feature because they removed the map on profiles. No, I am still not over that!

Hannah Rheaume Instagram

Trail Wallet

One of my favorite apps! The Trail Wallet app allows you to track your expenses and keep you on budget at home or on the road. Staying true to their tagline, “Less tracking, more traveling,” a must for any traveler.

Trail Wallet


I am a music junky. I can’t get enough. I can’t tell you how many hours of planes, trains and automobiles Spotify has got me through. The perfect app for long hauls and roadtrips alike.

The premium service lets you save playlists and songs offline. This means that you can listen to your music anywhere, anytime. Whether your 30,000ft up or running errands before your next trip you can now get your favorite songs anywhere. For just $10 a month! And don’t worry, if you don’t have unlimited data like I do, when you save your playlists offline it doesn’t stream them meaning the app doesn’t use data. So no need to worry about overages.

Hannah Rheaume Spotify


Another obvious. This app is perhaps the best thing that has happened to me. It lets you track flights and compare them based on price and duration. I used this app to score a mega deal on my one-way to Australia. Granted, I had a 16 hour layover in China, it was worth it!

You can set alerts so that you receive emails whenever flight prices drop or when they are projected to increase. I think I am watching six trips right now. No shame.



I can’t get enough of Snapchat, especially while traveling. There is something about bringing my friends, family, and followers into the very raw moments I experience while traveling. Unscripted. Unfiltered (mostly). And unedited.

Hannah Rheaume Snapchat


This is a more detailed journey planner in comparison to Google Maps (I still love you). It integrates cycle routes, Uber, real-time departure and disruption alerts. This app is available in 30+ cities worldwide- from Boston to San Francisco to London to Milan. Not as widespread as Google Maps but definitely worth testing out.














Google Translate

I was put to the test on my recent layover in Xiamen, China. I kid you not, aside from the airline staff not a single person spoke English. If it wasn’t for Google Translate I’m not sure what I would have done. It’s crazy how helpless you feel when language is taken away from any situation.

Google translate lets you translate 103 languages and 52 languages offline (when you have no service). You can even use your camera on your phone to translate menus, signs or other written words. There is also the two-way instant speech translator for up to 30 languages.

Google Translate

XE Currency

Simply for those times you have no idea how much you’re paying for that sarong or that piece of jewelry in your currency back home.

XE Currency

Live Trekker

This app creates an interactive map of your trips. It tracks your every move. Not in a creepy way. It marks your path on the map in the app using a red line. It can track your speed and altitude, perfect for you extreme adventurers. You can also add video, audio and text along your route making notes about your favorite meals or views. It acts as a multimedia travel diary that you can share. Genius.

Live Trekker

There you have it. My favorite travel apps of the moment. Over to you! What apps do you use while traveling? I will make a conscious effort to update this post with more apps as I discover them!


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