#onalark in Newport Rhode Island: Gilded Hotel

Picture this: It’s a wet, cold, dreary New England Spring day. A vision I know all too well. I pull up to 23 Brinley Street in Newport, Rhode Island and am greeted by the most vibrant purple building I’ve ever seen. This immediately brightens my day. And I didn’t even know what was in store for me before walking through the doors Gilded Hotel.


Gilded Hotel is just that: GILDED. Inspired by the Gilded Age, a time in New England when excess was all the rage. Stepping through the doors I was immediately greeted by an abundance of color and patterns, I wasn’t sure where to look first. I like being in places that keep me on my toes, keep me wondering “what’s next?” And when that happens right in the comfort of your hotel? You are in for it. I ran up to the Lark Suite, dropped my bags, grabbed my camera and started snapping right away.



Nestled on a cozy street in Newport, Rhode Island you’ll find this gem. Eggplant purple siding with cream and gold accents. Just a 10-minute walk from the town’s main points of attraction like Thames Street, Bowen’s Wharf, the iconic Mansions, and Bellevue Avenue. A bit further away you’ll find the Cliff Walk and Ocean Drive- both beautiful spots. Get your camera ready!

The Room: The Lark Suite

What’s not to love about this space. I mean, take a look for yourself.


Up on the third floor is the Lark Suite. Perfectly appointed with a plush king bed, vibrant colors, a purple and gold wall (swoon), and gold accents to match.



There is also an adorable seating area with the prettiest purple couch. This doubles as a bed if you have other guests staying with you.


Breakfast, included in your room rate, is a bit different than your traditional hotel breakfast. Think tapas style.  Fresh fruit in glass jars, overnight oats topped with honey, blueberries and walnuts, fresh pastries, red pepper and hummus, and mini tomato salads.


When it’s warmer out be sure to enjoy the outdoor courtyard and even show off your croquet skills (or lack thereof!).

On Friday’s Gilded puts on “G and Tea” time. Gilded will provide you with the mixers… not just any mixers. Namely fresh fruit juice. And you bring the alcohol. Enjoy while playing pool, in the courtyard or bring it back to your room. Note: you will want seconds.


Think B&B meets boutique hotel. All of the amenities you could possibly need.

Design Notes

By now you know all inspiration for this hotel was brought in from ages passed. Nods to rococo and beaux arts are all echoed throughout, with a very modern twist. The main stairway is decorated with gold mirrors and frames contrasted with deep aqua colored walls. Perhaps one of my favorite details was the stairway. Standing from the top you can see all the way down to the first floor- iconic of the era the building was built. Every detail was carefully thought out from the colors to the accents to the furniture.


Gilded Gilded Gilded

Gilded Gilded Gilded

Gilded, I will be back for you and all of your color!

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