The Danforth Inn: Portland, Maine’s Only Luxury Boutique Inn

Portland, Maine will always be one of my favorite places to spend my days (and nights). There is just something about it, that true New England charm that draws me in. I’ve always said if I were to live, to settle in Maine I would choose Portland. It’s familiar yet unfamiliar all at once. I still find myself discovering new spots, restaurants and shops every time I visit. This time was no different.

Portland Maine

This time around I had the chance to stay in the historic West End at The Danforth Inn. This is a part of Portland that is known for its architecture and rich history. Around every corner you’ll find homes dressed in gingerbread trim, lush gardens, brick sidewalks and beautifully colored homes. Oh, maybe even a mansion or two!

Nestled in this historic urban neighborhood is The Danforth Inn, Portland’s only luxury boutique inn. You’ll find nods to Asian culture mixed with New England touches, creating the perfect balance between two completely separate worlds. Velvets, canvas, brass, leather, and cottons are just some of the materials you’ll find. Giving this boutique hotel a trend forward appeal.

Portland Maine

The Old Port Room

Named after a popular area of Portland, The Old Port Room was recently renovated to match the aesthetic of the rest of the hotel: simple luxury. Clean, bright and airy are all words that come to mind when thinking back to this room. My eyes were first drawn to the curved wall of three windows. And then quickly transition to the tiffany blue couched perched right in front of them.

The Danforth Inn

The natural light that fills this room is inescapable. Just the way I like it.

The Danforth Inn

On each floor there are seating rooms to catch a little peace and quiet after a long day of meetings or before you head out for a night in “the OP.”

Tempo Dulu

Tempo Dulu is The Danforth Inns very own restaurant. Offering delicious Southeast Asian cuisine made with locally sourced ingredients. Having been to Asia and tasting many different dishes, it’s safe to say Chef Michael McDonnel understands Asian cuisine. Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia are just some of the places he sources dish inspiration from.

The Danforth Inn

Natalie’s at Camden Harbour Inn

Until April 2, 2017, Natalie’s at Camden Harbour Inn is taking over Tempo Dulu. Executive Chefs Chris Long and Shelby Stevens are known for creating modern dishes with unique twists and flavor combinations. Like Tempo Dulu, Natalie’s sources ingredients locally, from Maine fisherman and farmers.

The Danforth Inn

I had the opportunity to enjoy the 7-course chefs tasting menu. From figs topped with bleu cheese to mushroom risotto to crab wrapped in flounder… each dish was more delicious than the one before. I would take a bite of something and be like “okay this is SO good. Favorite dish yet.” The next dish would come out and I would repeat those exact sentences. Let me not forget about the dessert, a gluten free, dairy free decadent chocolate cake topped with vegan coconut ice cream. I’m drooling just thinking about it!

The Danforth Inn

The Danforth Inn

The Danforth Inn

Like I said, The Danforth Inn is nestled in Portland’s West End. Just a short 10-minute walk to the Old Port, home of many restaurants, cafes, local shops and nightlife. So don’t be afraid to wander off. Here, all brick sidewalks lead to smiles, full stomachs and unforgettable memories.

Portland Maine

One thought on “The Danforth Inn: Portland, Maine’s Only Luxury Boutique Inn

  1. These photos are gorgeous, Hannah! Maine is at the top of my must-visit list in the US, and The Danforth Inn looks like the perfect place to stay to experience it. Putting it on my list–thanks for your never-fail travel recommendations! xoxo


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