Chambray + Tulle

Portland Maine

I’ve been dying for an excuse to wear this tulle skirt again after my birthday, but the winter weather didn’t really permit it. As soon as it started to warm up I began thinking of ways to integrate it into my wardrobe again. And I finally landed on this look. Perfect for Sunday brunch, a lunch date or even Mother’s Day!

I love how the knotted chambray balances out the volume of the tulle. I completed the look with my Converse, giving it a not-your-average feminine feeling. Sure, I could have worn heels or ballet flats but that just didn’t feel right! I’m a Converse gal and always will be.

Portland Maine

You’ve seen this mini tote in plenty of other posts. Admittedly, I’m obsessed with Rebecca Minkoff. Anyways, I really love this  mini tote with this outfit. The white sneakers with the white bag gives the perfect pop! Style tip: I always try to match my accessories, call it the OCD in me, but if I’m going for black shoes I will grab a black bag, blush shoes, blush bag. You get it. But sometimes I throw in the wild card. This is where it can get tricky. With tan accessories for example, I always try to mix in additional colors. Tan shoes? I will opt for a fun and colorful bag. Tan bag? I will opt for fun and colorful shoes. A very meticulous process.

Portland Maine

I’ll most likely be wearing my Converse and chambray shirt all summer, whether I’m headed to a bonfire, the beach, or out for an ice cream date with my better half. These are my staples, what are yours?

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