Gray Midi Dress X adidas Tubular Viral

Call me crazy, but I don’t hate running errands or grocery shopping. The mindless act of grabbing produce off the shelf and putting it in your cart is therapeutic. I’m not kidding. I could spend hours in Whole Foods. And when errands afford you to wear a comfortable, knit midi dress and your favorite new sneakers it’s even better.

Forever 21

And I love hats like this because they mask fly-aways, which I have plenty of (if you have any tips for taming please leave a comment!), and add a more sporty vibe to the overall look. It really balances it out.

Forever 21

Can we PLEASE have a moment of silence for these adidas!? I mean, how gorgeous are these. Yes- I just called sneakers gorgeous. They look a lot like Yeezys but, let’s face it. I do not have $1,850 to spend on sneakers on eBay nor do I have the time to stalk when the new line of Yeezys will be released. So, I’ll settle. Actually its not really settling because I’m smitten!

Adidas Tubular

They are super comfortable and versatile. I love all of the Tubular sneakers. It’s safe to say adidas is stepping up their game.

Adidas TubularI’ve also linked some other sneakers that look just like Yeezys on (Hint: a pair is from the Stella McCartney X adidas and today is the last day they are on sale when you use the code INTHEFAM).

Forever 21

Shop my look

Brushed Knit Sweater Dress

adidas Tubular Viral Sneakers

The Essentials Bag (similar)

Race to Place Hat  (similar)

Forever 21


5 thoughts on “Gray Midi Dress X adidas Tubular Viral

  1. Love the dress with the sneaks combo! So cute! I am seriously admiring how well you are rocking the midi dress- I have such a hard time with them, but you are inspiring me to try it again since I know we are the same height 🙂 I am the same way about my Whole Foods trips and also Target… I spend waaaaay too many hours in both. Thanks for sharing this adorable weekend look, pretty girl!
    xoxo, Jenna
    Boston Chic Party


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