Freeport + Shabby Apple

Today I’m talking four not-so-shabby things to do in Freeport, Maine (aside from shopping big- although yes, that is one of my favorite things to do there). There is a whole lot more than meets the eye with this little town. At a glance the streets are lined with the outlet shops, there are some swanky restaurants popping in and out, the L.L. Bean flagship store, Starbucks, and even Abercrombie & Fitch to make your inner 14-year-old self squeal. I encourage you go down the side streets and explore behind the buildings, you never know, you might just find a donut shop.

Shop (and eat) local!

Going to Freeport doesn’t mean you have to shop “big.” There are countless shops and restaurants that are locally owned and operated. Feeling sweet? Try Wicked Whoopie or Frosty’s Donuts. Savory? Try Coastal Maine Popcorn or Linda Beans.

Visit the desert

Yes, you read that correctly. There is ACTUALLY a desert in Maine. It hasn’t always been here though, it was once a farm with pretty productive farmland until sand started to appear across the entire property. Turns out, the topsoil was eroding and there was a glacier desert hidden beneath all of those crops. The sand eventually took over. Voilà- a desert. So; go, touch the sand, see the barn that was built in 1783, go on a gemstone hunt or even take a bottle of sand home with you. Greenery is beginning to reclaim the land so see it while you can.

Go to school

Check out the schedule for the L.L. Bean Discovery School. With courses like Fly Fishing, How to Pack and Adjust Your Backpack, Archery, Sea Kayak Navigation, and Big Wall Climbing there is something for everyone. Bonus, most of the courses are free!

Go off the grid

Head to Wolfe’s Neck State Park (click for pictures) for some peace and quiet. About a five minute drive from the center you’ll feel a sense of relaxation as soon as you hit the trails.

Shabby Apple

Dress comfy and bring cash, especially if you visit Freeport in the summer for the lemonade stands! Sans lemonade, I shopped till I dropped this time around. Even better, this is probably the most comfortable dress I could have worn. It was perfect for the spring breeze. I styled it with a utility jacket and my Converse wedges that you first saw in this post.

Shabby Apple

Back to the dress. It’s from Shabby Apple, a company that’s helping women live well and dress well since 2006. You’ll find the clothes are vintage inspired both in style and coverage with a little bit of boho mixed in. This dress, along with most of their other dresses, is 95% rayon which is one of the fabrics they say to wear in humidity because it is “breathable.” So it doesn’t trap body heat and absorbs moisture easily (it’s also conveniently named the Sao Paulo Dress). I’ll talk more about fabrics in another post. It has a small pocket on the arm which is fully functioning- I’m not quite sure what you could fit in it but if you figure it out let me know! *Hello new travel dress*

Shop my look

Sao Paulo Dress

Utility Jacket (similar) 

Time to Take a Map Necklace

Highstreet Sunglasses 

Saddle Bag 

Converse Wedges

Rue 21

Shabby Apple

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