Escada Jacket

Happy first day of Spring! I wish I could say I was outside all day to enjoy it but in true Maine fashion it was a whopping 37 degrees. And there were even talks of s(NO)w. So, I enjoyed the first day from the comfort of my home, listening to birds chirping with the sun shining through my windows along with other Sunday things like grocery shopping and meal planning. Crazy times people.

Escada Jacket

This look is brought to you by vintage Escada. I first laid eyes on this jacket in a thrift store and knew, then and there, that I just had to have it. This was definitely a splurge. I tried it on and it was like Cinderella trying on her glass slipper, it was a match made in designer heaven. It was tailored perfectly as if it was made for me! The ruffle detail adds femininity to a rather masculine style jacket. I don’t think I would have purchased the jacket if it didn’t have the ruffles! I’ve linked a few similar jackets below.

Escada Jacket

Would this be a “Hannah Outfit” if I didn’t pair this designer jacket with some low ticket items? Nope. My denim and v-neck are from Old Navy. And don’t you just love the patchwork/frayed detail on these jeans!?

Style doesn’t have to be about buying the most expensive thing in the store. Tip: find things that work for you and splurge on a couple items here and there. They’ll become your staples and the rest of your wardrobe will grow around them.

Escada Jacket

Not only is this jacket gorgeous but its functional, making it the perfect transition piece from winter to spring. The color palette couldn’t be more reminiscent of new blooms, walks to your favorite café, or sunny blue skies if it tried. It will keep you warm on cooler days and just right on the warmer days. You’ll most definitely see this jacket styled a few more times on The Sunny Side of Things.

Shop my look 

Patchwork Jeans

Linen Blend V-Neck

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Scuba Trench Coat (similar)

Marled Coat (similar)

Tweed Long Vest (splurge/similar)


15 thoughts on “Escada Jacket

  1. I loved reading this blog post because of how you know how to combine simple, low cost items with a gorgeous splurge item that pops in the outfit! I am obsessed with this jacket and will be checking out. Escada is amazing and I am loving the spring line. Thank you for sharing this inspiration Hannah!

    Morgan England


  2. I am absolutely obsessed with that coat! When I first saw it on you IG, I was swooning over the entire look (: You wear it so well! And the colors are perfect for spring. Loved this post! Thanks for sharing!


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