Navy Blue Trench Coat

Yesterday looked a little like this: Wake up, work (kick you know what), fold laundry, work out, eat dinner, teach myself the basics of Cantonese, Facetime with my boyfriend’s mom to watch the season finale of The Bachelor. Just a day in the life of Hannah. Also, am I the only human without cable? Sure feels like it!! Most of the time I don’t mind and quite honestly I forget that I don’t have it. But Bachelor season kills me. How about that finale!? Sorry but nothing will top Sean and Catherine’s engagement in Thailand.


Forever 21

This outfit is effortless. A style that I’ve always gravitated towards. A throw on and go kind of look. The cotton jacket flows perfectly with every movement. I’m usually not about flares paired with loose fitting tops but this look, I couldn’t resist.

It can go from day to night in a matter of seconds. Just switch out the blush top for a lace-up top like this. Ditch the jacket, add a fun belt  and some sandals. And voilà, a whole new look!

Navy Blue Trench Coat

How do you transition your looks from day to night?

Shop my look

Ida Wide Leg Pant

Trench Coat

Flower Statement Necklace

Mini MAB Tote

Faux Suede Pointed Pumps

P.S. I stumbled upon another adorable coffee shop called Arabica Coffee House. If you’re ever in the Portland, Maine area I highly suggest you stop in. They make their own caramel sauce so order a caramel latte. You won’t regret it.  

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