An Outfit Fit for Love

I love love. And I love that it has a day all to itself. I’ll be spending Valentine’s Day 2016 watching a hockey game- which is totally fine by me. Mostly because I get to watch my boyfriend play hockey, something that makes him so happy which, in turn, puts the biggest smile on my face. No fancy restaurants or long walks in the park hand in hand. But I did get the most beautiful roses AND I get to spend the day with him- that is all that I need. Long distance can be hard but if it’s the right person it is completely, 100%, totally worth it. This my readers, this IS worth it.

So, in honor of the day of love I put together the perfect little outfit for your special day. These pink trousers were a steal! They are Topshop but I scored them at Nordstrom Rack, along with this longline blazer. I’ve been gravitating toward more neutral colors lately- fine by me! *Spring is in the air.*

The trousers are comfortable and have pleats in all the right places. I’m only 5’2’’ so naturally I wore heals to give a little more length to the overall look. Wearing a longline outfit – trousers and a blazer- can make me look frumpy and shorter than I actually am! No Bueno.

I bought this shirt probably two years ago at Old Navy. I.can’t.let.go. It reads “with all my heart.” I’ll need to get rid of it eventually but not quite yet. Below, I’ve shared a few of my favorite love themed tops along with, as promised, some longline blazers that I absolutely must have!

What are your plans this Valentine’s Day? Will it be with the girls? Significant other? Tell me! Also, what are your V-Day traditions? I have so many readers from around the world! I’d love to know how you all celebrate.

Shop my look

J’adore Graphic Tee // Be Mine Tee // Bisous Cami  // Wander with Love Tank  // Flamingo Tee  // Pineapple Tank  // Belted Tuxedo Jacket // Sleeveless Longline jacket  // Twill Longline Jacket  // Drawstring Crop Trousers // Crepe Peg Trousers // Faux Suede Pumps // Tristan Hinge Station Choker // Link Choker // Michael Kors Crossbody

P.S. If you’re ever in the Portland, Maine area I recommend stopping in at The Holy Donut. Try every single flavor. The donuts are made from potatoes which makes them dense, cake-like and very flavorful. A personal favorite is the dark chocolate coconut. With other flavors like maple bacon, pomegranate, and cinnamon sugar there is bound to be something for everyone. AND they have gluten free donuts which are just as delicious.

The Holy Donut

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