Lace-Up Shift Dress & Travel Staples

As each day passes we get closer and closer to Spring. No complaints here. And with this bizarre New England weather I am breaking out some of my warmer weather clothes and mixing them with winter staples to show you how you can stay warm without sacrificing personal style.

I love blanket scarfs. They can be worn so many different ways and in so many different seasons. They actually double as a blanket, which is perfect for my nights spent in hockey rinks, frozen. I folded mine in half, point to point, to create a cape effect (it will form a triangle). The great thing about folding it this way is that it can be worn as a scarf or shawl. 2 for 1. Also, I never travel without one of these! Again, they can double as a blanket, act as a shield for your eyes or a pillow if you’re trying to catch some z’s, and I’ve even used it to shield my nostrils from someone eating fast food the next aisle over. It was awful. I’m very sensitive to smell and when I’m in an enclosed space with nowhere to go, it intensifies. Just, always have one at the ready!

This dress is comfortable, shifty and the perfect length for exploring a new city or a night out. You should always have one of these little numbers when you travel because shift dresses are so versatile. The lace up detail is my favorite part. No necklace, no problems. It’s 100% rayon but feels like cotton! And, rayon is one of those materials that does not trap heat (along with cotton, silk and linen) which makes it perfect for the warm and humid seasons. I will definitely pack this for my trip to Asia. If you’re not having an unusually warm winter, wear tights for extra warmth as the material is very breathable. I chose these OTK suede boots to keep me warm. That they did. Tip: rayon tends to wrinkle, throw some wrinkle release spray in your clutch to keep it looking freshly pressed.

I also always travel with a wide-brimmed hat. Why? Because when traveling I typically don’t look my “best”. I’ll dawn a pale lip, concealer and some mascara but that’s about it. Hats add the perfect flare to a rather minimalist look. This one even folds to fit perfectly in my carry-on.

The Jet Set Chronograph watch was one of the first gifts from my boyfriend. Admittedly, I don’t wear it enough! It is so simple and can be worn with just about everything. But ever since he bought me my Apple Watch for Christmas I’m having a hard time branching back out. And, with a name like “Jet Set Chronograph” what’s not to love? Shop this watch below (it’s on sale). Oldie but goodie.

Miachael Kors

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Lace Up Shift Dress // Checked and Striped Scarf  // Printed Tassel Scarf // Felt Panama Hat // Jet Set Chronograph Watch // Orabela Over- the- Knee Boots


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