Longline Blazer

There are just some places on the earth that hold a special place in my heart. One of them is Portsmouth, New Hampshire. I love this seaside city. A place that I’ve spent many a birthdays, date nights and relaxing days. So in the hopes of nostalgia setting in my mom (who doubles as my photog) and I took a full Saturday to walk around, shop, share some laughs and devour delicious food.

First things first: the food. This is probably one of my favorite things about visiting different places. Highlights of the day: The Soupery and Profile Coffee Bar. Obviously it was a bit chilly so we took cover as soon as we got to Portsmouth at The Soupery. It’s a little hole in the wall on Hanover St. right next to The Juicery (their sister shop). Your best bet is to get a cup of the Cajun sweet potato and chicken soup with a grilled cheese. You’ll also want a water to cleanse your palette of all that spice. Not full? Walk next store for an acai bowl or smoothie. The Juicery is locally owned and operated and uses only the freshest ingredients. In addition to smoothies and juices they offer vegan wraps, wheatgrass shots (ummm?), and whole food supplements. Basically, guilt-free goodness.

After a long day of shopping all throughout this seacoast city at shops like Ganesh, Serendipity, and Wear House we needed a pick me up! Where else would I go for a pick me up none other than Profile Coffee Bar (yes, bar). Perfectly located around the corner from the parking garage, we made our way for some warm beverages. Profile Coffee Bar serves only the highest quality coffee and all of their espresso is ristretto base which means they use the same amount of ground coffee but extract it with half the amount of water. Why does this matter? Because its more concentrated and less bitter. For those crazy straight espresso drinkers this means a lot. Not to mention this was one of the best lattes I’ve had to date (I’ve had MANY). In addition to the lattes, coffee, hot chocolate, cappuccinos, and macchiatos are among your choices. They have a section of the menu titled “Adult” featuring drinks like “adult hot chocolate” and “mudslide nitro cold brew.” So if you’re in need of something a little stronger than ristretto, go here.

Profile Coffee Bar

Knowing that it was going to be chilly out I wanted to wear something warm but not a winter jacket. Something different. I go from being freezing outside to stepping inside and instantly feeling my body overheat. If any of you have any tips for curing this conundrum leave a comment! For now, I’ll continue wearing longline blazers. They keep me warm enough that I’m not shivering and cool enough that I’m not sweating. I added a scarf and hat for a little extra warmth.

Readers, wanderers, followers and friends, while most of The Sunny Side of Things is about fashion I want to continue sharing my love for exploring. I don’t do that enough. Part of the reason I started this blog was to share that with you. Having a place where I can combine my love for fashion with other interests like outdoor adventures, little cafes or even pretty streets that I find along the way is what I love most.

So, whenever you get the chance to get outside whether it’s a lunch break or an entire Saturday, go explore and find something new.


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