Into the Woods: Yellow Quilted Jacket

Okay it’s true, I have a thing for the outdoors. There is just something about being outside that completes me- breathing fresh air and going off the beaten path to discover new things right in your own backyard. Ahh sweet serenity. Gotta feed that sense of adventure somehow.

Old Navy

In need of a bit of sunshine, I purchased this quilted jacket. It’s perfectly oversized and just the right fit to wear a sweater for extra warmth. It’s neon yellow, a game changer because I don’t have a single coat like it! And this sweater? Nothing short of perfection. I’ve seen plenty of sweaters like this but this one caught my eye. The bright colors on top of a navy blue screams spring (fitting considering the groundhog didn’t see his shadow).

My boots are from L.L. Bean a store I have a big soft spot for, being from Maine and all. These Wicked Good boots are going on two seasons now and they are in perfect condition! The best part, L.L. Bean will take any of your worn out, damaged or old gear and gift you a store credit for the current price of the newest version of the item. Easy as that. But their gear is so durable I don’t think I’ll need to exchange them anytime soon.

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Fair Isle Sweater // Lightweight Quilted Jacket // Wicked Good Shearling Boot

Old Navy


2 thoughts on “Into the Woods: Yellow Quilted Jacket

  1. A girl after my own heart. Colors, jacket, boots, woodsey photo, all good. Hey, is that true about LLBean giving you a store credit? I have a pair of their slippers that I have loved for years and they now have toe holes, etc. but I can’t throw them away.


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