Fashion Friday: Maxi Cardigan

Recognize this view? This is right behind Robert’s Maine Grill in Kittery, Maine. Yes, a restaurant has this good of a view. If the food wasn’t good chances are I’d still go back just for the view.

I am all about layering. And this look is l a y e r e d. The sweater doubles as a jacket because it is so long and thick- perfect for the warm weather here in the northeast. Don’t assume you have to wear a pair of heels with a long sweater like this. I’m pretty short and these sneakers worked. You don’t typically see people wearing sweaters this long (yet) but it’s a great alternative piece to add to a rather boring outfit (yes, I’m talking about all of those waist length cardigans out there). AND there’s more- wear this cardigan on a cool summer night over a maxi dress (and probably any other outfit).


These shoes? Absolute show stoppers AND another one of my Target finds. What’s even better is that they are comfy and look exactly like these Steve Madden sneakers.


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Ribbed Maxi Cardigan  // Jules Drawstring Crossbody // Maux Shine Loop Scarf // Zola Sneakers 

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