Robert’s Maine Grill

If you’ve never been to Kittery, Maine and you live in New England, shame on you. Good shopping and even better food. What more could a girl ask for? I’ll even let you in on a little secret- there’s a Lululemon outlet. Yep, you read that correctly. Thank me later.

On to the food. I grabbed lunch with my mom at Robert’s Maine Grill. After driving by it for years I decided it was time to see what the fuss was all about. The parking lot is always packed so I figured that must mean something. And let me tell you it did.

Upon walking up to our table (there are two floors and an outdoor deck accessible in the summertime) we were greeted with an unexpected view. Our table was nestled right next to a window with views unlike any other in Kittery. The jetty was picturesque; there was no movement except the occasional bird looking for food. And at dusk it looks like a painting with smooth brush strokes of pink, orange and blue.

Robert's Maine Grill

Robert's Maine Grill
View of the bar from the second floor

Once seated Kayleigh, our server, brought over crackers with a cranberry balsamic and scallion cream cheese spread. My tastebuds have never tasted a dip so magical. It was two parts sweet and two parts salty, the perfect combination.

Robert's Maine Grill

Next up we had appetizers. I opted for the kale soup and my mom got the roasted cauliflower. This wasn’t your average soup. It was hearty, filled with white beans, kale and other vegetables with a tomato broth base. Not going to lie- it came in a mug and I most definitely drank the leftover broth. It was too good to waste. The appetizers alone are worth going back for.

Robert's Maine Grill

Next up was the main course. My mom is pretty predictable when eating out so when I saw the menu had a burger I knew what she was having. With a side of onion rings, she was in heaven.

Robert's Maine Grill

I couldn’t go to Robert’s Maine Grill, a place known for its seafood, and NOT get seafood! I got the baked cod with roasted potatoes and carrots. This piece of cod was by far the best I’ve ever had. It was flaky, lemony, buttery and cooked just the way I like it. I cleared my whole plate!

Robert's Maine Grill

Now, here’s the sweet stuff. Dessert! By far my favorite part of eating out. You’ll be hard pressed finding desserts this good anyplace else in Kittery. You have the option to order a full size or half size of any dessert on the menu. And because we wanted to try more than one we ordered the bite size (note: the bite sized version isn’t small by any means) version of the blueberry crumble a la mode, carrot cake, and cinnamon apple cheesecake. Don’t make me pick a favorite because I won’t be able to. Delectable describes this course.

Robert's Maine Grill

Also worth noting is their extensive beverage list. I’m not much of a martini person but I needed to try the flavors in the raspberry citrus martini. The bartender was kind enough to whip me up a less intense elixir served in a glass of ice. And man was it good! Tip: let the raspberries soak and eat them last, you won’t regret it.


I can’t thank Kayleigh and Desiree the General Manager enough for taking such good care of us. Girls day with my mom is a rare occurrence so it was great to spend quality time over good food with her.

The Sunny Side of Things was invited to experience Robert’s Maine Grill as a guest, however my opinions are always my own.

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