Casual Weekend Wear

Is it me or does this week feel like its already dragging on? Either way, I’m ready for the weekend. And I’m also ready for weekend wear. My Fall weekend wear consists of sweaters, flannels, leather jackets, boots, and jeans- simple and on trend. What are your go-to’s?

Fall Fashion

A really good flannel is hard to come by. And one thats a) thick enough b) comfortable c) stylish d) not itchy and e) fits like its made for you? Forget it.Β How about an “all of the above” option. I would like to add to that list, a flannel that can be layered underneath a form fitting jacket without making you look like a sack of potatoes.

Lucky for you, I did the leg work (again). And believe it or not “all of the above” exists! Check out my older posts for jean and necklace details.

Shop my look

Classic Plaid Flannel Shirt // Faux Leather Moto Jacket

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