I love mixing trends and different styles, which is one of the reasons I put this outfit together. The striped sweater adds a nautical feeling to the suede skirt, the suede balances out the nauti accents and keeps the look street ready. It is all about balance.

You can find anything in suede- boots, shorts, tops, pants, hats… you get my point. If you’re lucky you will even find a suede fringe jacket. I first saw this suede skirt on Marianna Hewitt, blogger for Life With MeΒ and instantly purchased it! Sort of like an impulse buy but I felt no buyers remorse. Only joy. Pure joy. Have you ever purchased something on impulse and felt guilty immediately after swiping your card? Next time you even start to think about it- nip it in the bud! Thank me later.

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Snap-Button Faux Suede Skirt // Textured-Stitch Sweater // Long Porthole Pendant // 14” CorazΓ³n PendantΒ // Raylene Bootie

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